The Call For Presentations for BSidesROC 2017 is now open!

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Important Dates

  • CFP Closes: March 17
  • CFP Responses Sent: March 24

CFP Guideline

We are looking for a variety of topics to be presented at this year’s con. Additionally, this year, we are seeking a mix of shorter, simple talks and longer, more detailed talks. We’re targeting 20 and 50 minutes respectively.

We are generally looking for any kind of security/hacking related talks. But specifically to match our theme, we’d love to see presentations regarding:

  • Cryptography
  • Secure Communications
  • Secure Desktops
  • Embedded Systems or IoT
  • Mobile (OS, application, baseband, etc.)
  • Application Security
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • DFIR
  • Tool Release

We will review any talk submission but our only rule is that we will not accept a talk about a service or product you or your employer is selling. Please make all talks technical in nature.

Who Is The Audience?

When considering a submission for BSidesROC, it may be helpful to consider who our attendees have been in the past. We tend to have a very young crowd: roughly 25% of our attendees are between the ages of 18-23, and just over half were under the age of 30. This translates to a very vibrant community of folks, who are eager to engage with the speakers, and have fresh ways of looking at topics. Our attendees have new, sometimes brilliant, ideas to bring to the table – and they aren’t afraid of speaking up and calling out mediocrity when they see it.

So if you have a topic to share, in the long or short format, please send a submission using this form by March 17.